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Commissioning art is the process of hiring an artist to create an artwork based on the client's admiration for the artist's style/creative process. A commission should be a collaboration between the clients and the artist.  A commission can be on a canvas (stretched or un-stretched), canvas Paper, clothing, shoes, graduation cap, wall, and anything else you can think of. 

Please keep in mind commision acceptance is based on availabiility and art style. The artist has the right to refuse a commission inquire. Please study my artistic style to ensure satisfaction. 

Azura's Style​


Types of commissions

  • Canvas Paintings Commission
  • Custom Tattoo Commission
  • Paper Drawling Commission
  • Custom Shoe Commission
  • Custom Clothing Commission
  • Graduation Cap Commision
  • Custom Bags/Purse Commission
  • Flyer and Logo Commission
  • Mural/Wall Art Commission
  • Illustration Commission

How to request a commission?

The easiest way to request a commission is to fill out the form below. Leave a detailed description of what you're requesting to be painted. Please give up to 3 businnes days for comfirmation of inquire. 

How long does a commsion take to complete?

Commission can take a minimum of 3 weeks. Please inner-stand that art takes time to develop. If you have any time request please let me know while booking and I will try my best to accomate. If not stated before hand a RUSH FEE may be applied.

How much do commissions cost?

Commission prices vary based on the area that is being painted, cost of supplies and, cost of time. 


Get a Price Quote

We’ll send you a comfirmation within 2-3 business days. Thank you!


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